API 6A 5000PSI demco mud gate valve

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Introducing our high quality mud gate valve is mainly used for drilling mud circulating system in oil field. It is used to control the flowing and stopping of mud and is joined by trapezoid thread connection, can be installed quickly and conveniently.

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The equipment has strong rigidity which is safe and reliable, The union ends mud gate valve seat and gate are sealed by means of parallel-type Metal to Metal Sealing, its sealing effect is good, and it is convenient for opening, Two ends of the valve and pipes are connected by spherical movement. The movable connection of the rubber seal ring like "O" is not of high requirement about straightness of the two ends of pipes, its seal performance is very good after installed.

The Mud gate valve,with superior design features precision workmanship and a proven principle are engineered to meet the harsh drilling requirements in today's oilfield.


The valve conforms to the standard flange dimensions and pressure rating of 3000 and 5000 PSI working pressure, the norminal size is 2", 3", 4", 4"X5", and temperature service up to 400°F.

Flanged end connections-This type of end connection does not require turning or welding the valve. The integral RTJ flanges are connected to matching pipe flanges with bolts and nuts.

Threaded End connections--this type of end connection, also reffered to as screwed, are suitable for applications up to 7500PSI. Line pipe(LP) and 8RD threads are available.

Butt Weld End Connections--this type of end connctions is manufactured to match the pipe weld connection. The two beveled ends are butted together and welded in place. Welded connections are best suited for applications where frequent removal from the pipeline is not required.

Welding Warning: Prior to welding, the seat and bonnet seal must be removed from the valve body.


✧ Specification

Standard API Spec 6A
Nominal size 2", 3", 4", 5*4"
Rate Pressure 5000PSI to 10000PSI
Production specification level NACE MR 0175
Temperature level K-U
Material level AA-HH
Specification level PSL1-4

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